Hypnotizing infinitely zooming illusion art as your Live Wallpaper.

Hypnotizing infinitely zooming illusion art as your Live Wallpaper. 

You have to see it yourself to believe it It seems impossible but the artwork keeps on zooming endlessly, revealing worlds within worlds, like a fractal. The popular infinite zoom illusions are now available as a Live Wallpaper. Included are the classics Zoomquilt 1+2 (free) and the mesmerizing enchanting floral botanical Arkadia (add on) to decorate your phone. Check it out yourself and download the app! Ad free

The Zoomquilt is a hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by Berlin artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators that weaves together a patchwork of different fantasy paintings into a single, seemingly endless shot. The work, which was inspired by the ongoing Gridcosm projectis also available as an Android Live Wallpaper

We are approaching the image and rather than seeing pixels the dimensions of a fist at some point, we see the subsequent picture, we repeat the procedure repeatedly (in fact, it's like one quite smooth process and if the artists did an honest job, then the “joints” we we'll not see at all) and eventually we reach the first picture. generally , multikvayny, just for artists.

- Mind blowing Live Wallpaper with infinite zoom through surreal fantasy dreamscapes
- Three different worlds of mesmerizing hand crafted artwork
- Smooth performant OpenGL zoom rendering engine
- Psychedelic color effect filters
- Speed and direction control
- Very battery friendly
- Ad free

Note for users asking about a Lockscreen only option. This is a restriction by current Android versions. The common settings are "Homescreen" and "Home- and Lockscreen" only. I am unable to change this as the app just supplies the wallpaper and the Android system limits how it can be used
Created with ❤️ by Nikolaus Baumgarten and collaborators 2004–2020 nikkki.net

✔️Zoom Quilt on the Internet:
➤ Zoom Quilt 1 : Click Here .
➤ Zoom Quilt 2 : Click Here .
➤ Zoom Quilt 3 : Click Here.

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⧪ I really enjoy it, my phone has a really vibrant screen and this wallpaper looks f#*&ing fantastic. I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the lock screen options, I actually like it being for both my lock and home screen, but that's also an Android limitation not a developer one. Great artwork. I really like it. Good conversation piece too

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⧪ This app is way way cool! I love the look it gives my phone. Although I do wish I had the option of just setting it the lock screen. Right now I can only set it to the home screen or both lock and home screen. Also once you set the wall paper you cant change it unless you clear out the wallpaper and set it all over again. Other than that it's a really entertaining wallpaper that will wow your homies

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