From this date, ST buses will run in all the villages of Gujarat, know the full details

From this date, ST buses will run in all the villages of Gujarat, know the full details

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is a passenger transport organization. Which provides bus services in Gujarat and neighboring states. GSRTC was established on 1st May 1960 in Gujarat. Initially there was a fleet of 1767 buses. There are currently 8703 bus numbers and more than 39795 employees working.

In view of the Corona epidemic, the Gujarat government will now run all government buses on village routes again as per the new guideline. All traffic in Gujarat was halted due to Corona. Gujarat ST Corporation has taken an important decision in the fourth lockdown after completing 3 lockdowns in the state. This decision has brought happiness to the passengers.

Government buses will be started in the state of Gujarat from 07/09/2020 with new rules. Each bus conductor will be provided with a thermal gun. And all the passengers boarding the bus will be scanned with a thermal gun. Passengers will be admitted only after their body temperature has been scanned. Earlier ST buses were run between taluka to taluka within the state.

Such a beneficial decision has been taken by the government to solve the problem of passengers. Passengers face many difficulties during this time. In view of such matters, the government has taken a decision regarding such transport.

Vehicle traffic was also shut down due to a lockdown in the collection state due to the Koro epidemic. But now the government has decided to renew the rules. The biggest loss to the government is due to the closure of transport day by day and the closure of transport for so many days has also caused some problems to the passengers. Such a decision has been taken by the government for such reasons.

According to the ST department of Gujarat, government buses used to make about 23,500 round trips throughout the day. Now running in the villages, government buses will carry more than 32000 rounds during the day.

Thus, most of the ST buses have been started. The government has decided to run government buses in all the areas except those which have been quarantined due to corona. The important thing is that people should take special care not to travel unnecessarily due to this corona epidemic. And travel should be avoided until done. So that the epidemic of corona can be avoided and kept safe.

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