One post office scheme in which the investor will get Rs. 5100 per month.

The Post Office Guarantee Return Scheme can help if you are looking for a regular income option. This scheme can provide dual benefits if the husband and wife invest money together. The government has cut interest rates on small savings plans by 1.40%. 

These plans also include a month saving scheme at the post office. Under these schemes, interest is paid at a rate of 7.6%. But it has been reduced to 6.6.

In fact, the Post Office Income Scheme (MIS) gives you the opportunity to earn every month. Which also has the facility of opening a client account. That can benefit you twice as much. Under the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office, interest is currently available at the rate of 6.6%. Returns are calculated on an annual interest basis on your total deposit under the scheme. Total returns occur on an annual basis. It has been divided into 12 sections according to the month.

Suppose a spouse has to invest Rs 9 lakh in a joint account under this scheme. On the deposit of 9 lakh, the interest rate of 6.6 percent will be Rs 61,200 annually. That is, Rs. 5100 per month will come into your account. On the other hand, your fundamentals will also be safe. If you wish, the scheme will be extended for 5-5 years after 5 years.

What is an MIS Scheme?

Monthly Income Scheme Post Office plans that offer the opportunity to earn a month under an individual or joint account. Any Indian citizen can open an account at post office with an initial investment of Rs 1000. If a person opens a single account, then 4.5 lakhs will have to be invested. You can invest a maximum of 9 lakhs under a joint account.

You can open an account at any post office depending on your convenience. For this, you will need to submit a photocopy of any one of 
  1. Aadhaar card,
  2. water card, 
  3. PAN card, 
  4. ration card, 
  5. driving license. 
  6. Apart from this, 
address proof will also have to be submitted. Which will also contain your credentials. 2 passport size photos will also be provided.

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Savings Schemes under Post Office Investments
Post Office Savings Account.
5-Year Post Office Recurring Deposit Account (RD)
Post Office Time Deposit Account (TD)
4.Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Account (MIS)
5.Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

6.15 year Public Provident Fund Account (PPF.

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